What Ephesus Leeds Are Famous For

Learn more about what Ephesus is famous for;

We would like to share our thoughts about what makes this ancient city so important. Ephesus is one of the best ancient cities in the world. We can explain why Ephesus is the best as objectively as possible, first it is older than most of the ancient sites in the world. Second it lasted longer than other ruins. 

You will be amazed by the fact that it presented between the 4th century b.c. It stood against all the fires, wars and earthquakes. It played an essential role in religions’ history. It functioned as a capital at least twice. One of the reasons what Ephesus is famous for is that Mark Anthony, Alexander the great, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra visited this remarkable place. It was St. Paul’s, Virgin Mary’s and St. John’s home. Ephesians were so rich that they built the biggest Library of Celsius and the temple of Artemis,one of the seven wonders.

What is Ephesus famous for? Ephesus, Turkey

There are also a lot of places to visit around Ephesus. The house of Virgin Mary is just ten minutes away from Ephesus. She lived there for a while until her death. St. John was buried in the Basilica of St. John. The temple of Artemis is also an archaeology museum. Around Ephesus, there are long beaches on the Aegean sea coasts for those who love lying on the beach. In addition to the reasons that Ephesus is famous for, there are a lot of local shops for those who love going shopping. Besides Turkish cuisine is very delicious and you will have a chance to taste delicious Turkish food in local restaurants.

What is Ephesus famous for?

It is very easy to go and cheap. From Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, you directly go to Selcuk, the nearest town of Ephesus. If you are in Kusadasi, 20 minutes will be enough to see this wonderful ancient city. Everyone can rent a private car, take a taxi or public transport from both destinations. Turkish currency is less valuable. Entrances of historical sites are cheap too.

One more thing what Ephesus is famous for is you feel as if you have travelled back in time when you walk through Ephesus ruins. You can also see in our Ephesus Private Tours inside of Terrace Houses where rich Ephesians lived. 

There you will find well-qualified and professional guides that can give more detailed information about the place. They are very good at their job because it is a respected and well paid job. They can also speak other languages very clearly and fluently. Visiting historical places with a guide makes a big difference and professional guides what Ephesus is also famous for.

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