Where is Ephesus Turkey today?

Kusadasi is 20 minutes away from Ephesus location (You can check ephesus location maps). The first Ephesus was founded on the Aegean coast on the Aegean sea that is 10 minutes away from archaeological excavations.

Ephesus was located on the south of Cayster river and on the Pion and Coressus hills. The river’s silt has generated a plain and caused the coastline to move further. A sea channel was sustained to a harbour lake. At the end of Byzantine period, this channel was useless because the coast was three miles further than where Ephesus was before.

Where the ancient city of Ephesus is now close to Selcuk, a town of Izmir. However Kusadasi is the closest and biggest town that is 20 minutes away from Ephesus location.

Have a Look at Ephesus Location Map

At first Ephesus was built on a river bend on the west of Turkey. The city is about six miles away from the Aegean along the coastal plain between Miletus and Smyrna. Ephesus moved five different locations in time. The Apostle John and Paul knew Ephesus III that was named by scholars. It was the biggest of the five. 

The location map Ephesus as indicated below:

Ephesus I: St. John region (Aya Suluk)

Ephesus II: the Temple of Artemis

Ephesus III: St. Paul’s port

Ephesus IV: The northern of St. John region

Ephesus V: Selcuk region 

Ephesus Private Tour Kusadasi

Because of the river’s flow, it silted up the harbour. Before the harbour was silted up, Ephesus functioned as an important seaport. It had 3 roads and these roads include travelling to east, northeast and north.

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