The Most Beautiful Ephesus Ancient City Ruins in Turkey

Exploring the Ruins of Ephesus

Turkey has hundreds of ancient ruins that provide wonderful insight into one of the world’s most influential areas in world history. 

Ancient ruins abound in western Turkey, evocative sites of myth and legend.  Some are precariously perched ancient Greek cities, while others are imperial Roman capitals – symbols of wealth and influence. The ancient ruins of Turkey are an evocative walk through history, with the remains of massive temples and grasslands strewn with historic rubble. 

Turkey, as a popular destination for ancient capitals, has no shortage of ruins. Many, like Ephesus, are world-famous for good reasons. 

Ephesus Ancient City Important Structures

Ephesus Ancient City is the jewel of ancient cities in Turkey. Ephesus came to the fore after Roman Emperor Augustus appointed it the capital of Roman Asia Minor in 27 BCE, despite its origins as a Greek city founded in the 10th century BC. 

Money and power poured into the area, resulting in some incredible buildings. Celsus’ Library is an iconic Roman ruin in Ephesus. It was built in AD 125 CE and once housed approximately 12,000 scrolls. The bas-reliefs and sculptures that adorn the facade are in fantastic shape. The nearby theatre, which can accommodate 25,000 spectators, is the largest in the ancient world.

Ephesus Ancient City Important Structures

The Hadrian’s Temple and the Odeon are both noteworthy buildings, but the Terrace Houses are the highlight. An earthquake in the third century CE partially demolished these Roman houses, but the ruins of Ephesus are in excellent condition. The houses are now protected by a wide roof with glass walkways that enable visitors to explore the structures without disturbing the environment.

When you come to Ephesus, you can also see the Basilica of St John. The Basilica, perched on a hill just outside the ruins of Ephesus, is a ruin unlike any other. It is a Byzantine Church with a unique resident, rather than an ancient town or Roman Temple. St. John lived his final days in Ephesus and he died at the age of 100. It is also said that he wrote his gospel on this hill. 

Exploring the ancient city of Ephesus will be a memorable adventure when you come to Turkey. You should create opportunities to come to Turkey for this reason. Our Private Ephesus Tours at low costs will meet your needs, for sure.

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