Most Popular Things to Do in Sirince Turkey

What to Do in Sirince Village Turkey?

Looking for a spot in Turkey where you can get away from the crowds? For that reason, Sirince, a laid-back mountain village near Ephesus, the Ancient Greek city, is one of Turkey’s most beautiful places to visit. Welcome to the village, where everything seems to be moving at a snail’s rate. So, what to do and see in Sirince, Turkey?

Sirince, the historical town, was founded long before Christ (323 BC), most likely by Ephesians looking for a peaceful retreat in the mountains. When you visit Sirince nowadays, you’ll note that tourism is the main source of income for the 700 remaining residents. Sirince is a sleepy yet charming village. Sirince is now known for its narrow streets, small shops, traditional homes, wines, and local agriculture. There are many popular things to do in Sirince.

Taste Delicious Wines in Sirince

First of all, everyone who goes to Sirince should taste delicious wines made of fresh fruits such as grapes, raspberries, peaches, apples and many more. It is also known as the Village of Wines.

Go to Ephesus Ancient City

The best part about Sirince is that the village is only 8 kilometers away from the Ephesus Ancient City. It is one of Turkey’s most popular tourism destinations making it an ideal stop on any Turkey itinerary. You get a chance to see Roman and Hellenistic period ruins where rich people lived in this huge city. We believe that any Turkey road trip should include Sirince Village and Ephesus. You can enjoy our different types of Ephesus Private Tours that are tailored to your own needs and expectations.

After visiting Ephesus or as a day trip from Kusadasi, a visit to Sirince is strongly recommended and it is only a 40 minutes drive. The best choice, however, is to spend the night in Sirince. When the sun goes down, this secret gem of Turkey comes to life. Live music will be performed in the streets. You will see people eating and drinking wine in the terraces which is a lovely and calm environment.

Most Popular Things to Do in Sirince Turkey

Visit the Basilica of St John

Visiting St John the baptist church would be a good idea if you come to Sirince village. Being able to attend a church rather than a mosque is a welcome change in Turkey, since Turkey is predominantly Muslim. Rolling into this church has a cave-like feel to it. Many Greek Orthodox have lived in this mountain village during history, and remnants of that tradition can be found in the St. John The Baptist Church.

Visit the House of Virgin Mary

Another popular place to visit near Sirince is the Virgin Mary’s Home, which is a popular tourist attraction in Turkey. According to Catholic pilgrims, this is the location where Jesus’ mother lived until her death. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, has never admitted or denied this.

You can also eat delicious Turkish foods at different restaurants and enjoy the sunset in this beautiful, small village.

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