Best Things to Do in Bodrum for Fun, Hidden Paradise of Turkey

What are the options for having fun in Bodrum?

Bodrum is in the city of Mugla in Turkey where you can go from Izmir in two and half hours. Unique holiday resorts of Bodrum Turkey await you with its magnificent bays, lush nature and streets filled with beautiful wooden houses. Our first stop is Bodrum. Apart from the beauty of its nature, there are many historical places to visit in Bodrum. 

Bodrum Castle

The first of these is the famous Bodrum Castle. The highest point of the castle, built on a peninsula between two harbors, is the French Tower. Apart from this castle, the castle consists of four towers: English, German, Italian and Serpentine Tower. One of the most important places to see in Bodrum is Bodrum Antique Theater. The building, which is thought to belong to the Mausolos period, is one of the oldest theaters in Anatolia. The Antique Theater is built on the Goktepe slopes and hosts a magnificent view. This is one of the best things to do when you travel to Bodrum.

The popularity of Bodrum’s boat yards goes back to ancient times, and traditional yachts are still being designed by artisans today. On their Bodrum Turkey holidays, the stunning Bodrum Peninsula suits holiday makers interested in a subdued and calming environment.

Water Sports and Boat Trips in Bodrum

The sea is the main attraction in Bodrum. The vast majority of tourists come for a relaxing vacation filled with sun, sea, and sand. Hundreds of tours, ranging from a couple of hours to multi-day yacht trips down the coast, are available during the summer months, making boat trips the most common way to get out on the water. Kayaking, fishing, and jet skiing are all available at several resorts.

What are the options for having fun in Bodrum?

Exploring the Old Town in Bodrum

The most fascinating part of Bodrum is just behind the St. Peter’s Castle. The vine-draped, whitewashed, and stone-cut cottages that line the narrow pedestrian alleyways here look like they came straight out of a postcard. Since society modernized so much of Bodrum, this is one of the few areas left where you can still get a sense of what the town was like before tourism arrived. It is a lovely spot for a late-afternoon stroll, and photographers will love it. If you need to sit down and relax after your stroll, there are plenty of nice stores and cafes in this town.

Shopping at the Bazaar in Bodrum

Bodrum has everything you need for some retail therapy. The modern bazaar is a more upscale version of a traditional Turkish market, with proper shops instead of stalls. It has fewer negotiating options, but what it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in variety. From beautiful Turkish and Central Asian textiles and vibrant local pottery to a bling-fest of gold shops and snazzy beachwear, there’s plenty for everyone here. 

Here, we explained the best things to do in Bodrum for fun. You can also look at our private tours in Turkey or contact us for further information about the tours.

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